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Natural Glow

Glow Bar

Luxury custom airbrush tanning.

Out: sun damage and harmful rays
IN: healthy glowing skin and natural products

New to luxury custom airbrush tanning? Beauty by Rachel GLOW BAR, creates for you a radiant, supple, healthy glow year round without the damaging effects of dangerous UV rays. No more avoiding the sun at all costs, or burning in a tanning bed, sacrificing the perfect sun kissed look. Your golden glow will be tailored to you and the look you want to achieve for any skin type. Your golden glow will now come from an FDA approved solution made from beets, brown sugar, and an active ingredient in organic DHA. Once sprayed, the outermost layer of your skin reacts with amino acids in the solution to produce a safe, beautiful tan.  Results may vary depending on skin type, and lifestyle activities but generally last five to seven days. you've tried the rest now try the best.​

What to do to prepare?

All you need to do is prepare your skin the day before by thoroughly exfoliating and then find loose fitting dark clothing to wear afterwards to give your new glow time to set! We help you to decide how deep a glow is for your skin type!


Full body glow $50, first time clients $40 special.

Pricing for parties of three or more.